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At Plentiful Foods, we are delighted by God's bounty of magnificent, flavorful foods created to help us thrive and enjoy our lives.  We love gathering the freshest, seasonal, raw ingredients to create wholesome and satisfying fare to nourish your body, to nurture your relationships and to share life together around your own table.


Our Plentiful team is thankful for the opportunity to serve you. We see you making a tremendous difference in many people's lives, in your own families, as well as in and through wonderful organizations across RVA.


We pray that Plentiful's inviting, nutritious, delicious dishes will make a difference in your day, allowing you to refresh, refuel, renew, re-energize, re-connect and be ready for the rest of your life. Thank you for inspiring us and giving us the privilege and the joy of serving you and yours!

Plentiful Foods is a ServSafe certified business, licensed by the Virginia Health Department in Henrico County and operating in a commercial kitchen at 1145 Gaskins Road.   


Here is a little background on Team Plentiful:

Annhorner Truitt, Chef and Founding Owner

I’ve lived in Virginia all of my life, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.  I grew up in Lexington, majored in economics at William and Mary, and then moved to Richmond.  Most recently, I earned an Advanced Certificate in Culinary and Food Services Management from University of Richmond.


I met and married my wonderful husband, Craig, 17 years ago.  It was worth waiting half of my life for him!  While we have missed having our own children, we are blessed with amazing godchildren and many close friends who generously share their families and their lives with us.


After a brief time working in food services during college, I enjoyed three years in the fitness industry, ten years in the automotive after-market, and ten years in the investments field.  After that, I spent ten years as a family caregiver and community volunteer, before quietly launching Plentiful Foods in the summer of 2016.  While I’ve enjoyed the various seasons of my life, it’s in this Plentiful season that I jump out of bed full of a sense of calling and purpose, joy and gratitude, and eagerness to make a difference.


I’m named after my grandmother, who was an inspiring role model and mentor to me.  As a child, I loved setting the table for Grandma, as inviting aromas of her homemade dinners filled her house and spread all the way out through the screen door onto her front porch, where she welcomed in her family and friends.  I marveled at how good food encouraged our busy family to pause and connect.  A lovingly full table drew us together and set the scene for treasured times together.


Growing up, our family experienced a number of health challenges including juvenile diabetes, severe allergies and asthma. My mother explored ways to support our health by eliminating sugar and processed foods, and by adding many fresh vegetables and juices, ancient grains and legumes as part of a balanced diet.


In college, I began a love-hate relationship with food and with my weight.  As anorexia and bulimia threatened to consume my life, I lost years obsessively counting every calorie consumed and burned; tallying every protein, fat and carbohydrate gram; and subsisting on highly processed diet “food-like substances” that left me starving for more.


Thankfully, there was a major turning point in my early 30’s (It’s kind of a wild story.  Let me know if you’d like to hear it sometime!), when I became determined to learn a healthy and sustainable way of living.  It was like my eyes were suddenly opened to the astounding array of fabulous, fragrant and flavorful foods that God made to nourish our bodies, and to nurture our relationships--so that we can share the fullness of life together--as I remembered we had around my family’s table.


My lifetime of experiences with food, and the power that it has to bless and to bring people together, have stirred up a particular calling within me:  to provide you and your busy families with remarkably good food for sharing life together around your own tables--on ordinary weeknights as well as for gatherings on special occasions.


I can’t name one favorite Plentiful dish.  I love our homemade soups, our dishes made with ancient grains and legumes, and our delightfully fresh salad dressings.  Actually, most everything we do is a favorite--or we don’t make it.


Rebecca Young

I was born in Texas, grew up in Fulton, Missouri and have lived in Virginia for 48 years.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother of two joyful children and a grateful friend to many amazing people.


I was a theater major at Mary Baldwin College.  Although I have never stepped on stage since graduating, I have used the skills of my degree daily.  I love the presentation side of catering.  Setting a table that is a feast for the eyes is very similar to creating a stage setting.


As a small girl I enjoyed being a part of a family that enjoyed cooking and entertaining.  Combined with two grandfathers who had prolific gardens and two grandmothers who canned, froze and made jellies and jams out of the produce, we were blessed with the most delicious, fresh food all year long.


After I retired from catering, a client asked me to talk with Annhorner about the creation of her new business.  Once I met her, I was convinced that she was the real deal - we had the same concept of preparing fresh, tasty food and showcasing it in all its natural beauty with a new Southern style. Whenever I am asked who I would recommend as a caterer, I say without hesitation, “Annhorner Truitt’s Plentiful Foods!”


My favorite Plentiful dish is our Salmon Nicoise Platter… delicious and beautiful.


Frannie Nance

Growing up, my family moved a lot.  I was born in Maryland, and lived in New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, and Virginia.  I have lived in Richmond, VA the longest - so I claim Richmond as my hometown.  I've been married to my husband, Richard, for almost 8 years.  We have two little boys, Zach (4) and Charlie (3), and a little girl, Catherine (1).


After graduating from William and Mary in 2004 with a degree in history, I taught 7th and 8th grade history and government for almost 5 years, until I switched careers and began working as a personal assistant to a philanthropist in Washington, DC.


My passion for food, cooking, and baking came from my grandmother, Barbara, and my Father, Lex.  My grandmother used to mail recipes for me to try, and when I'd visit, she'd give me free reign in her kitchen to experiment.  I enjoyed watching my father throw together delicious meals without a recipe, using ingredients that he had on hand.  He loved the creative process of cooking.


I met Annhorner at church.  After listening to her story and her passion for wholesome and delicious meals, I felt an instant connection to her and the mission of Plentiful Foods.  I expressed my interest and asked if she needed administrative help with Plentiful.  I have enjoyed my time working for this amazing company, and am excited to be a part of the Plentiful Team!


Karen Hayes

I grew up in Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia with my mom, dad and two sisters.  Following my graduation from William & Mary in 1991, I began my career in Neurosciences in Charlotte, North Carolina and married my husband, Tom.  After I spent five years working in head injury and epilepsy, Tom and I welcomed our first son and moved to Boca Raton, Florida.  We had another son in Boca before moving to Columbia, Maryland in 1999.  Just before 9/11, we moved to Richmond - happy to finally return to our home state.  In 2002, we had our first Virginia baby, another boy!


For three years, I helped care for my sister after she was diagnosed with ALS.  Sadly, she died in 2010, but left us an incredible gift:  her 12 year old daughter, whom we adopted.  Today, my oldest lives in Sweden with our wonderful new daughter-in-law, the middle two are in college, and the youngest is a junior in high school. 


Writing has always been a passion for me, so I have found ways over the years to work it into my busy life.  It has been a joy to write and edit for charities and friends; submit articles to periodicals; and work on books and essays I hope to publish one day.  In 2017, with three kids in college and one in high school, I started writing professionally on a part-time basis.  When Annhorner launched Plentiful and asked for me to join the team, I was thrilled to help.


The other team members love to cook, but I do NOT.  I love to EAT.  Mostly, I love to eat Annhorner’s food.  Annhorner and I met many years ago through Third Church and she soon became like a sister to me.  After telling her for years that I wanted her to make our dinners, and share her gift of cooking with the world, I was beyond excited when she started Plentiful.  Though I am happy to help behind the scenes, I am mostly in it for the food.


I love Annhorner’s blueberry soup and chicken salad!!  My family has also been known to hide her famous sweet potato ham biscuits so others wouldn’t eat them.  We could feast on her potato basil fritatta every day.  Oh, and there’s the amazing beef tenderloin with that yummy horseradish sauce. Honestly, my favorite Annhorner dish is anything she cooks!


Melissa Lincoln

I was born in Knoxville, TN and lived most of my adult life in Johnson City until a friend introduced me to his brother who lived in Richmond.  As they say, the rest is history!  We are a family of three - myself, hubbie Abe, and our feline Lovey.


Virtually my entire career, I have managed the accounting for small businesses - restaurants, contract furniture, a florist.  In college my desire was to become a fashion merchandiser, but Johnson City was a long way from New York and my career path went in a different direction.  I discovered instead a love for putting numbers in columns and making sure the columns balance.  It still makes me happy to use numbers to create information that can help small businesses prosper.


I began cooking in elementary school and remember making “from scratch” cakes for my grandfather who lived with our family.  My family was very supportive and even let me continue after a small kitchen fire when the hot oil ignited while I was cutting more french fries….oops!


Annhorner and I met about 18 years ago when Abe and I came to Third Church.  We quickly became the beneficiaries of her gift for hospitality and came to appreciate how she loves bringing people together to share beautiful, abundant and delicious food.  So when Annhorner began Plentiful and invited my help, I was thrilled to join her team.  Plentiful makes it possible for Annhorner’s hospitality to be multiplied many times over in homes all over Richmond.


There are so many Plentiful dishes that I love!  Annhorner cooks a beef tenderloin to perfection and her lasagna is layer upon layer of beef, sausage and cheese.  Her chocolate ganache dessert is my all-time favorite of all the desserts in the world. But give me a bowl of her pimento cheese with some crackers and I will be as happy as can be.


Marybeth Lawrence

I’m from Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  In 1985, my husband’s job brought us and our 3 children to Virginia.  Our kids are all grown, married, and live close by.  We have 7 adorable grandchildren. They are my heart and soul!  I retired 2 years ago from 23 years with an orthopedic company.


I have always loved to cook, but love more the quality time with family and friends that sharing a meal brings.  To be able to join Annhorner in sharing that joy with people through Plentiful Foods is a privilege. 


As far as what brought me to Plentiful...God’s plan.  Serving at church together with Annhorner was our link, but God brought us together.


Elizabeth Massie

I’m from a large family of origin in Newport News, now blessed with four children, one daughter-in-law and two grandbabes (my eldest son Jimmie's, in England), and a new daughter-in-law (Lily) on March 14, 2020! 


I've always loved learning new things!  I designed heating and refrigeration systems for commercial applications until our 3rd child was born, when I became a full-time, stay-at- home mom and substitute teacher at our children's school while also working in/managing the children's program at Community Bible Study.  Later, I applied my experiences and love of people as Director of Annual Giving at a faith-based non-profit.


My relationship with food has been basic for most of my life - it was secondary to experiencing life outside of the kitchen.  Thirty-seven years into cooking for a husband who grew up with, and appreciates, thoughtfully and lovingly prepared meals, and having raised four hungry children, I've come to place greater emphasis on the excitement of a delicious, savory, and extended time around the table.


Having enjoyed many of Annhorner's ham biscuits, chocolate ganaches, and meals prepared for church/work events and just out of the goodness of her heart, I KNEW that any food prepared by Annhorner was AMAZING.  So, when Plentiful Foods was launched, I was ALL IN, ordering for work related events, a graduation party, and making sure to attend any church function Plentiful Foods catered...


I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the fun, gifted, and talented Plentiful Foods team, and to provide support as needed for Annhorner's vision Annhorner to create delicious and beautifully presented food so that people can gather together and enjoy each other more fully as their meals and events are so well served by Plentiful! 

Roseanne Adams

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, I grew up in Asheville, NC and moved to Richmond after meeting my husband, George.  We have one daughter, who lives in Richmond with her husband and our two grandsons, who are great fun and keep us rolling.  We enjoy most outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, camping, and gardening (George is the main gardener).


I actually have a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, but have  always enjoyed cooking.  I use my degree in teaching, but cooked for the Wednesday suppers at church many years and I have also prepared food for a number of weddings and receptions.


I have several food allergies, but even before those were discovered I always cooked everything from scratch using the highest quality ingredients.  I enjoy trying new recipes and have always loved baking.  My food allergies have forced me to find substitutes for many items in recipes and I have been successful, most of the time.


I know Annhorner from church.  I saw her Facebook page and wondered if she needed any help, and was delighted to come on board.  I do enjoy working with the Plentiful team!


Nancy Koontz

I was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia and have a BS in Biology from Marshall University.  I met my husband, Greg, in church, and he promptly moved us to his hometown of Richmond.  I have loved living here for 36 years.  We have 4 grown children and 2 sweet granddaughters.


I enjoy tennis and gardening and being outdoors.  Being able to go out and pick something fresh from the garden or collect eggs from our chickies is one of my greatest pleasures and blessings!


Our house has always been the place for our family celebrations.  I love cooking and gathering all of us together.  I have been hooked on cooking shows and I enjoy trying new recipes out on family and friends.  In this age of fast food and food fads, it is wonderful to cook with real foods.


I came to Plentiful Foods through the friendship of Annhorner’s husband, Craig, with my husband, Greg.   Annhorner and “Team Plentiful” bring God’s bounty of foods to each of their clients with such caring, thoughtfulness and taste!  I am grateful for the chance to work with this wonderful team.

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