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We are blessed and encouraged by the outpouring of kind words that we receive from our wonderful clients and friends! Here is a small sampling . . .

MeghanMcSweeney Photography

Thank you to you and your team for a wonderful dinner last night… OH so good!!  You all are a gift!!

Wanda and Ted Ortwine

Sending gratitude for the way you all made this such a special occasion for us. We all felt your love and felt pampered and well cared for. Blessings on your ministry of bringing such pleasure and joy with your wonderful food and service. Feel free to share our reflections. We’d love for others to be as blessed by you as we were!

Nan Clark

We’re very grateful to God and happy and content. It was a lovely, sweet, special evening. Your dinners were
beyond what I hoped for: beautiful, delicious, unique, lovely in every way. I'm so glad you suggested I consider dinner to go for our small crowd. Those family guests loved the dinner, special gift. Thank you all for setting
me up, it was a breeze putting out food, once you all set up refrigerators and I understood everything.
Just want you to know how grateful I am.

Sally Mitchell

I grew up in a big Italian family, where cooking for your family represented love. I love to cook for my family in a healthy, locally-sourced, and homemade way. Annhorner and her staff create their meals with the same love and care that I would use. The food is chosen and cooked with such intention. From the fresh ingredients, to the thoughtful packaging, to the inviting garnishes, the entire meal is filled with loving touches, and it feels like a gift, handmade with love. In addition to the delicious food, Annhorner and her staff make the process enjoyable. They always welcome you with a warm smile and kind words. I would highly recommend Plentiful Foods.

Shaun Mortensen


We’re so pleased you have brought back the Weekly Fare meals!  They’re always delicious and such a nice break from cooking during the week. During the pandemic, we’ve ordered quite a bit of take out from local restaurants. Those meals often arrive sitting sadly in a pan, blandly presented with no garnish. That’s never the case with Plentiful. Your meals are always easy to pick up, thoughtfully packaged, beautifully presented, simple to heat up, and very tasty. Keep up the great work!!

Rafael & Jessica Astruc

I’ve been to A LOT of receptions, because I go to so many weddings in my job. Not to mention all the many other receptions for other kinds of events that I’ve been to.  I can honestly tell you, the reception that you and your team pulled off the other night was one of the best I have ever experienced.  The food was amazing, of course, some of the best reception food I’ve had. But it was also the way you laid out the food, the flowers, the way you had the different tables and selections arranged - truly everything was outstanding.  I hope you can take great joy in knowing that you are living into a wonderful ministry that God has given you, and I am so grateful to see what God has done with your step of faith!  Well done, good and faithful servants!

Corey Widmer


We will be singing your praises (and those of your team) for a very long time, Annhorner!  You made our annual garden club cooking night “An Affair to Remember,” and we all had such a good time!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, culinary expertise, and delightful presence with us.  What a wonderful gift!

Glenn Ann Martin


I wanted to thank you personally for the amazing and delicious meal you prepared for us.  It truly was scrumptious--and served with such love!!  I suspect that many in that room will end up being clients, if they aren't already!  To see you all serving with such ease and energy, kindness and professionalism, beauty and grace added so much to the evening.   I felt—and I'm sure all who attended felt—actually loved by your presence and pleasant service,

as well as by the yummy food.  Thank you!!

Val Kling

What a great team!  Thank you for all of your amazing help at Robin’s wedding.  I was so relaxed and I felt very cherished by you all. Thank you for being a part of our big day!

Kyle Frayser


Thank you and your team for such an amazing event last night.  You are truly the best caterer in town and everyone is raving about your food and your service.  I talk about a spirit of generosity and you and your team really lived up to that generosity.  I’m so thankful for you, your amazing work, and how well last night turned out.

Many, many thanks.

David & Scottie Brown

We were so pleased with Annhorner and her team at Plentiful Foods!  They flawlessly executed a graduation party for my niece with stress-free ease.  Plentiful’s food was delicious, beautiful, and conveniently arranged.  The team arrived prior to the event to ensure that the communication was thorough with regards to the space and the layout, and the party guests found their creations to be both plentiful and satisfying. 

I highly recommend Plentiful Foods for your next event!

Emilie Kiritsis


Your food was amazing.  My guests loved it and ate and ate...and our birthday girl could not stop raving about your food!! I was sooo excited...your pure food with great taste thrilled her.  Your food truly spreads love.  Many thanks to you all and see you soon.

Michelle O’Donnell

The party last night was a smashing success.  Everyone absolutely raved about the beautiful presentation of the food and could not get over how delicious everything was.  As usual, you exceeded expectations and provided for a lovely evening of celebration, fellowship and fun.  I am so thankful to you and your wonderful team.  Thank you for using the gifts that God has given you to His glory.

Angela Mackay


The party was wonderful!!  Everyone ranted and raved about the food/presentation!  Thank you so much!!  I will definitely use y’all again!  You are the best caterer I’ve ever used!



Thank you for the most beautiful, delicious wedding dinner.  Everything was spectacular and everyone loved it!  It was especially meaningful to us because you prepared it for us with great love...I thank God for you!

Beth Nichols Marriott


A huge and grateful “THANK YOU” to you and your staff for making our special event on Saturday such a success!!  It was wonderful to work with you, you spread immediate joy and enthusiasm.  Hope to see you again and continued success in preparing delicious food and making people happy!! 

Joyce Harris

Several friends recommended Plentiful Foods to cater our wedding celebration…. we decided to move forward based on Annhorner's warm personality, professionalism and extensive knowledge.  The food presentation was stunning--a work of art itself--and tasted as good as it looked; our guests could not stop talking about it.  Annhorner and her team were incredibly friendly and accommodating; everything was just as we had hoped. 

We would wholeheartedly recommend Plentiful Foods for your special occasion.

Carson and Simon

When we told our leaders that your team was catering our Night to Remember dinner, there were audible gasps of delight and cheers!  Thanks for all you do to bless the Third family in so many ways! 

Andrea Woie

Your cooking was so delicious and so perfect for my birthday party.  I love how you cook healthy and clean food--and yet it is also delicious!  

Holly O’Donnell


Our meals were absolutely amazing…we could really feel the love that went into them.  I will spread the word about Plentiful Foods however and whenever I can!

Kristi Hord Pollard


As I anticipated, all three of your Plentiful meals for our Men’s Retreat were wonderfully healthy and delicious, and the men were very appreciative.  Your and your team's presence and service truly contributed to make this a wonderful weekend and create the kind of climate that we wanted for the men to experience…
thank you so much for your ministry to us! 

Ed Satterfield


Gratitude describes my relationship with Plentiful Foods and the wholesome and delicious no-stress meals we enjoy.  It gives me the gift of time and fellowship with loved ones for which I am very thankful.

Susan Horne

Plentiful meals are so special to me because I am a full-time mom and a full-time HR professional in a very busy job.  It’s truly a blessing to have a healthy home cooked meal for my growing family to enjoy—it takes the stress off me and reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking growing up.
Emily Henley


OMG!!!  That is the best salmon I have ever put in my mouth!  The potatoes are perfect too!  I’m not sure I can ever order salmon from anyone else again because it would never compare.  Thanks again…
Dr. Craig Nofzinger, DVM


From the first time I ordered from Plentiful Foods, I was hooked!  Not only is the food delicious and healthy, it’s very reasonably priced.  I look forward to it each week.  Thanks, Annhorner, for opening Plentiful Foods.  

Scott Highfill

Annhorner has a lovely gift of hospitality and is incredibly talented in the kitchen.  She has chosen to channel those gifts in a way that enables her to bless others tremendously.  Whether it is a family table or a party table—there is an elegant spread to be had.  Amazing!  

Katherine Nott


Annhorner is my go-to caterer.  I know she will be totally reliable, the food will be exceptional, the presentation will be perfect and all I have to do is enjoy my party!  Her fresh ingredients and tablespoons of love make for

rave reviews from my guests.  

Beth Johnson

I wanted to surprise my wife with a romantic dinner in the comfort of our own home…It was so nice to have a gourmet 5-star Plentiful dinner at our own dining room table.  My wife was impressed and

the dinner was delicious.  

Cabell Childress

Lavish love, the best way to capture the delicious, abundant, beautiful, yummy luncheon you so lovingly prepared for the team and committee.  We feel the love and thank you friend!  And we thank you Lord, for your amazing provision through Annhorner’s cooking!  

Elizabeth Massie

My two favorite words are “Annhorner baked!”  

Jacob Ott


You have such a talent for cooking and it is a blessing that you are able to share with others.  I work 12 hour shifts at the hospital.  Having a healthy and delicious prepared meal waiting for me is a huge stress reliever...I look forward to many more delicious meals to come.  

Sarah Eckhart

You’re the accommodating and easy to work with.  Everything was beautiful and delicious.  Couldn’t have done it without you!  

Paula Harrison

We want to give you our full endorsement as the Best Catering Team in RVA!  You were more than instrumental in helping to make our 40th anniversary going-away celebration so memorable.  Everyone knows that the quality, taste and presentation of the food is a huge part of how an event is perceived.  Walking into the dining area where the food was displayed so beautifully just blew us away!  The food was SO delicious, but honestly, what made it extra special was knowing the thoughtfulness and love that were part of the ingredients.  The Lord has blessed you and you in turn bless others—as you do with your amazing dinner parties and our special 40th celebration.

Katie and Tom Widmer

We so enjoy the meals we get every week!  They are of excellent quality, delicious, and beautifully presented.  It saves us so much time and money either shopping & cooking or going out to restaurants, and it’s much better.  We especially appreciate the inclusion of lots of vegetables and a variety of grains.  Portion sizes are very generous, too!  This just about sums it up:  We all need Annhorner’s number!!!!  

Martha Rhodes

WOW oh WOW!  The dinner was so wonderful and plentiful!  Thank you so much for all your care in making sure my meal was fabulous!  

Becky Thornton

Thank you so much for the delicious and beautiful brunch.  Everyone commented on how pretty everything looked and how yummy it was.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  

Amy Ziegler

The girls say, “Annhorner is the best cook in the whole world!”  Corey and I agree.  Each meal was so special.  Thank you for all of the time, energy, resources and love that went into each one.  

Sarah Widmer

I want to thank you for adding such a special touch to our celebration….I had so many compliments on the food and the presentation…I can tell you pour your heart into your work and whatever you do.  

Shaun Mortensen  

Delicious!—Lots of laughs and great stories with a circle of really good, good people…Platters and bowls of “homemade with love” foods…Perfect hosts…Thank you so much for being so generous!

Kim Rosser

Her meals are delicious and healthy!  I am a fan!  And it is a delight to pick up the meal and

enjoy her warm welcome!  

Linda Allen

Annhorner’s meals are complete, nutritious and delicious and the whole family enjoys them…I love the variety of colors on the plate.  I recommend Plentiful Foods to anyone who is looking for a little extra help in

the dinner department.

Molly Childress

Incredibly fresh, healthy and delicious.  I especially love how she incorporates the best of fresh herbs and produce into her meals.  So happy to see her use her gifts in such a wonderful way that is a help to me in this season of my life.  Highly recommend!

Jennifer Fitch

I applaud Annhorner’s vision.  There is a need for delicious, beautifully prepared food in our world.  It feeds our souls as well as our bodies.  

Rebecca Young

Plentiful Foods has been such a blessing to our family!  My grown children are no longer make-ahead casserole lovers.  Because Plentiful’s food is healthy and delicious, we have loved these meals when new babies arrived (I was grandmothering and had no time to cook), when the kids came home for the weekend/holidays (I didn’t want to spend the entire visit in the kitchen) or when we just wanted a fresh alternative to my old standby recipes.  EVERY dish has been absolutely delicious and a huge hit in my family!  Thank you thank you!!!!!   

Brenda Mathews

So delightful, delicious and delectable!  We all loved your creations…I can’t tell you what a help they were…I was able to create a beautiful spread that everyone loved.  The platters made it all so easy and fancy too!  Thank you!

Val Kling

Thank you so much for our delicious dinner…We are grateful for you and your nourishing vision.  

Tracie Meadows

Judy and I wanted to take a Mother's Day dinner to my mother-in-law and celebrate the day in her home.  Annhorner and Plentiful Foods provided an absolutely terrific multi-course meal for six that was a slam-dunk hit with everybody - and most importantly, Judy's mother!  There were even left-overs, which made for some even bigger smiles!  Thanks so much preparing an incredible dinner for us!

David Skove

It was a really wonderful evening.  Our dinner was delicious and got rave reviews.  Plentiful was an easy choice. We’ll be in touch in the future.  

Liza Clark

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